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ACM ToIT SI Section: Evolution of Networking Architectures

posted Sep 22, 2020, 2:09 PM by Rute Sofia

(Sep 2020): The ACM ToIT Special Issue Section on “Evolution of IoT Networking Architectures” is out (Volume 20, Issue 3, Sep 2020). The editorial work for this SI section has been developed by: Rute C. Sofia (fortiss GmbH), Eve M. Schooler (Intel), Dirk Kutscher (University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer), Chris Winkler (Siemens AG)

This special issue has gathered leading-edge scientific research and insights on the impact the IoT has had on the evolution of communication architectures and protocols; how best to support diverse communication requirements in the context of different IoT scenarios, ranging from industrial to consumer-based IoT; how to adequately define and address interoperability, within and across different layers in the network architecture, leveraging cross-layer design; and finally how to design a more unified next generation Internet architecture and end-to-end protocol stack, given the increasing numbers of wireless and mobile devices. The selected papers cover a broad range of IoT networking architectural topics: efficient and automated communication in wireless and wired environments; offloading of applications in mobile environments; security; and interoperability.

Check the issue here.