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Keynote speech at the 7-in-1 Symposium, CTIF, Aahrus, Denmark

posted Jul 3, 2021, 3:58 PM by Rute Sofia   [ updated Jul 3, 2021, 4:00 PM ]
June 2021

Large-scale IoT environments have been growing fast via the advancement of 5G, 6G, advanced wireless standards, associated with advancements in virtualization technologies. These environments, composed of sensors, actuators, and mobile personal smartphones, will be the basis to assist societal needs and aspects such as well-being, as can already be envisioned via the learnings derived from the current COVID-19 epidemic. Thereis therefore a natural need and a tendency to bring computation and networking functions closer to the end-user, supported by Edge/Fog architectures, to be able to support services that are based on large-scale IoT, decentralizedenvironments.Central to this vision are aspects such as self-organisation, automation, and intelligence derived from behaviour learning and context-awareness (of devices, of the user, of the situation), aspects which this talk aims at focusing on, advocating the need to integrate context-awareness derived from social behavior of users, in addition todevice usage and behavior