Mobility in Multihop routing - yet another routing protocol, or can we explore alternatives to the complete protocolar design?

Post date: Apr 15, 2015 12:49:40 AM

Mobility management solutions have evolved to assist a better network operation in environments where the topology changes frequently due to the fact that nodes involved are carried and/or owned by humans. The most recent paradigms in user-centric networking have dealt with aspects such as better coordination of mobility anchor points both from an end-user and from a network perspective; attempting to estimate next handovers, based on roaming learning.

Routing in wireless networks disregards support for such movement. Link breaks in OSI Layer 1 and 2, if "long" enough, have as consequence path recomputation.

An alternative that has been explored in the context of my team is to propose and validate routing metrics that are "mobility-aware", requiring minor changes to the protocolar design (assuming shortest-path routing solutions).

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