Ongoing research being developed at the IIoT research department, fortiss, is focused on networking and computing architectures as basis for an efficient deployment and orchestration of heterogeneous and de-centralized services and resources. Specific aspects concern interoperability aspects, in particular when facing large-scale critical environments with heterogeneous components, such as in Industrial IoT environments. Specific topics: Edge/Fog/cCoud computing; semantic behavior to support real-time system adaptation; in-network computing architectures.

You can find the latest projects at fortiss, IIoT, and in researchgate.

Past research has dealt with: mobile and wireless networks, in particular user-centric networks; new routing paradigms as well as advanced mobility management and inference paradigms, as well as in pushing the network operation closer to the end-user to reduce OPEX and CAPEX (user-centric networking).

Active Projects:

Selected Relevant Past Projects: