SOME Talks

Here you find SOME talks, updated when I have the time...

  • P. Mendes, R. Sofia, V. Tsaoussidis, S. Diamantopoulos, C.-A. Sarros. Information-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks. IETF ICNRG Meeting, London, March 2018.
  • R. Sofia, I. Santos, P. Mendes. Contextualization aspects integration into the network operation. ACM ICN 2017 UMOBILE tutorial session on contextualization.
  • R. C. Sofia, Contextual Interaction inference and characterization derived from wireless network mining . TUM Kolloquium Series, Chair of Network Architectures and Services, Department of Informatics. Technical University of Munich (TUM), 2017-07-10.
  • Bianchi, M.; Pegnna, A.; Sofia, Rute C.; Santos, I.; Loureiro, A.; Santos, J.; Rodrigues, R. Social Interaction Analysis in Children, in Encontro Ciencia 2017, 2017-07-05.
  • Rute C. Sofia, Pervasive Data Sharing, New Directions in IoT / Relevancy in an Industrial Internet, Event: Siemens AG CT IC2, July 2014.
  • Rute C. Sofia, The Role of Pervasive Sensing in Connected Mobile Environments, TUM Kolloquiumseries, April 2014.
  • Rute Sofia. Moving towards a Socially-driven Internet Design. 4th European Summit on the Internet. Session 2, Internet architectures - fixed and wireless. 13th June 2013.
  • UNET 2012: User-centric Networking. third workshop edition, co-located to ICC 2012, June 10th-15th 2012. Keynnote speech.
  • R.Sofia. ULOOP: Standardization Aspects. Future Internet Assembly Aalborg, Denmark, Standardization session. May 7-11th 2012
  • R. Sofia, Olivier Marcé. ULOOP, The Second Generation of User-Centric Networking. UNET 2012, ICC2012, Ottawa, Canada, June 10-15th 2012.
  • Future Internet Assembly Conference, ULOOP: User-centric Wireless Local Loop. User in Control session, Poznan, November 2011.
  • R. Sofia, P. Mendes (SITI/ULHT), Graça Carvalho (Cisco). Social Sustainability Enabler. 3rd Usage Area Workshop, European Future Internet Alliance. June 2011, Brussels.
  • R. Sofia, Advances in Forwarding and Routing. May 2009, invited lecture in University of Alcalá, Madrid.
  • R. Sofia, MAP-TELE Doctoral Programme Seminar, Advances in Forwarding and Routing. March 2009.
  • R. Sofia, SICAP, a Shared-Segment base Inter-domain Control Aggregation Protocol. Invitation by Siemens AG, Munich, Germany. July 2003
  •  R. Sofia, Campus Virtual Pilot: Wi-Fi and National Mobility for RCTS Users. In JOIN'03, Minho University, Braga, Portugal. May 2003.
  • R. Sofia, J. Weinberger, Global Networking and Internet2 Digital Video Initiative at ICAIR, demonstration at Terena Networking Conference 2000, Lisbon, Portugal. May 2000