• O. Aponte, R. C. Sofia, NSense v3.0 (Mobility pipeline). 2018/2019. NSense captures your nearness context based on social interaction and propinquity modeling. Its purpose is to assist in stimulating social behavior, encourage cooperation among people.
  • J. Soares, R. C. Sofia. The UMOBILE Contextual Manager. 2017/2018. The "Contextual Manager" is an apk developed to be used in the context of the H2020 UMOBILE project, by Senception Lda. It seamlessly captures local data such as resource usage and status, as well as affinity networks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth data) of peers. It uses that data to assist other UMOBILE modules in selecting the best neighbors to directly transmit data to.
  • I. dos Santos, R. C. Sofia, P. Mendes, PerSense.2017-2018. Best European Awards "One to Watch" 2018. Personal IoT platform for communication and interaction in trusted circles based on network analytics (e.g., learning of roaming habits and social interaction activities). Applied to three vertical markets: school and families (B2C); commerce (B2B); enterprises (B2B). Framework developed by Senception Lda. Best
  • I. dos Santos, R. C. Sofia. PerSense Mobile Light. 2015. Sensing middleware for Android, developed in the context of the H2020 UMOBILE project, by Senception Lda.
  • Tavares, Miguel; Saeik, Firdose; Sofia, Rute C.; Mendes, Paulo. NSense v2.0 . inProc. of : COPE-SITI-SW-16-07. (2016-07)
  • L. Lopes, R. C. Sofia. DDicas: Recommendations over WiFi - Portal. inProc. of : COPE-SITI-SW-03. 2016.
  • Luis Amaral Lopes and Rute C. Sofia, DDicasM, COPE-SW-15-05, 2015. DDicas is a client/server software that aims to enable entities to enjoy a personalised local marketing platform combining inference of individual citizen interests, with the local offer in a given category (e.g. local commerce; creative hubs).
  • Ramakanta Routray, Waldir Moreira, Rute C. Sofia and Paulo Mendes, Oi!: An Opportunistic Data Transmission Tool based on Social-Aware Routing, version 1.0, COPE-SW-15-04, 2015. Android application that allows users to send short messages without relying on the existing Internet access or wireless infrastructures, based on the NDN-OPP software package. Developed in the UMOBILE project.
  • Firdose Saeik, Luis Amaral Lopes, Waldir Moreira, Rute C. Sofia and Paulo Mendes, USENSE, COPE-SW-15-01, 2015.
  • Luis Lopes, Rute Sofia. WiRank - a tool to improve Android wireless connectivity, COPE-SITI-14-SW-01, 2014. Java for Android, WiRank is an apk that automatically selects the "best" wireless network to connect to, based on learning of prior selection of wireless networks. Code has been based on the FP7 ULOOP MTracker solution.
  • Luis Amaral Lopes, Hassan Osman (UniK), Rute Sofia, Elastic Spectrum Management, SITI-SW-13-03, 2013- A mechanism that improves the resource management in wireless networks. This new mechanism can be apply to access points, laptops and smartphones. DFS has been patented 13191667.8 and the code is available under LGPLv3.0.
  • Namusale Chama, Rute Sofia, Mobility-aware metrics for multihop routing, ns module, COPE-SITI-SW-13-04, 2013, C/TCL (ns2 extensions).
  • Jonnahtan Saltarin and Rute C. Sofia, MTracker, a mobility estimation Tool, SITI-SW-13-02, 2013. Java for Android. MTracker has been developed in the context of the FP7 ULOOP project, to assist mobility handovers by ranking APs by preference of the user.
  • Jonnahtan Saltarin and Rute C. Sofia, A modular NTCIP extension for ITS architectures, SITI-SW-12-08, 2012. C++.
  • Andréa Nascimento and Rute C. Sofia, Decoupling control and data plane of MIPv6 - ns2.33 extension, SITI Software SITI-SW-12-01, 2012, C/TCL (ns2 extensions).
  • Rute C. Sofia and Christian da Silva Pereira, Mtracker v2.0, SITI-SW-12-07, 2012. Java for Android.
  • Namusale Chama, Rute Sofia, Multihop routing metrics - Link Stability approach, ns2 patch, SITI-SW-12-03, 2012.
  • Andréa Ribeiro, Comunity based model standalone simulator with Pause Time modeling function P(i), SITI-SW-11-01, 2011. C.
  • Antonio Oliveira Junior, Rute C. Sofia and António Costa, Implementation of energy-aware metrics for AODV and OLSR protocols in NS-2, SITI-SW-11-05, 2011. C/TCL, ns2 extensions.
  • Andréa Nascimento, MIPv6 patch for NS-2 2.33, SITI-SW-11-02, 2011. C/TCL, ns2 extensions.