Rute C. Sofia (PhD 2004) is a Senior Researcher at the Cognitive and People-centric Computing R&D unit, and an Associate Professor of University Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, since 2010. She is also, since 2017, a Collaborator Researcher at ISTAR-IUL. Rute's research background has been developed on industrial and on academic context, and she has co-founded COPELABS (2012), research unit which she steered between 2013-2017. She has co-founded Senception Lda (2013), a startup focused on personal communication platforms.

Her current research interests are: network architectures and protocols; IoT; mobility management and estimation; network mining.
Rute holds over 50 peer-reviewed publications in her fields of expertise, and 9 patents. She is an ACM member and an IEEE Senior Member.

Before COPELABS/ULHT, she was a senior researcher at INESC TEC (07-10), where she steered the "Internet Architectures and Networking" area of UTM, team dedicated to wireless/cellular networking architectures and to user-centric networking paradigms.

She was (04-07) a senior research scientist in Siemens AG and Nokia-Siemens Networks GmbH, focusing on aspects such as: fixed-mobile convergence; carrier-grade Ethernet; QoS; IPv6 interoperability.

Rute holds a BEng in Informatics Engineering by Universidade de Coimbra (1995); M.Sc.(1999) and Ph.D. (2004) in Informatics by Universidade de Lisboa. During her PhD studies, she was a visiting scholar (2000-2003) at Northwestern University (ICAIR) and at University of Pennsylvania.

Technical Skills:

My background has been developed both in industry and in academy, focus on networking architectures and protocols. During the course of my dual carrier development and in addition to a deeper technical understanding of wireless, cellular, and fixed networks, I have gained a deeper understanding of both academic and industrial processes; innovation cycles; technology transfer processes, such as standardization. As Senception founder and CEO I have gained a deeper understanding on product development ; team management ; product innovation cycles. As COPELABS Scientific Coordinator I have gained knowledge in science management and in cooperating to build research teams from scratch. As COPELABS Director, I have acquired science management skills in terms of development of research infrastructures, from idea to proof-of-concept. I have also acquired skills in technology transfer models from academia to industry. My industrial background assisted the development of skills that bind innovation to product development. My main strengths in this context are : creative thinking ; driver for innovation ; leadership vision ; articulation of forefront projects from idea until a product stage.