Ongoing research is focused on mobile and wireless networks, in particular user-centric networks, focusing on network mining and on context and behavior characterization based on open data that is passively collected by embedded/personal devices, with the main goal of improving network operation in aspects such as i) mobility management; ii) routing. The ultimate goal is to assist in reaching unification in terms of data transmission, when environments exhibit high variability in terms of device resources (e.g., IoT devices); device movement (e.g. personal devices).
Past research has dealt with new routing paradigms as well as advanced mobility management and inference paradigms, as well as in pushing the network operation closer to the end-user to reduce OPEX and CAPEX (user-centric networking).

 Active Projects:
SOME Past Projects:
  • the CitySense project
  • FCT UMM: User-centric Mobility Management
  • MITS: Modular Management for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Network coding: an Applicability Study to fixed packet-based networks (Siemens AG CT). Principal Investigator. Theme: advanced routing/forwarding concepts.
  • E-FAME: An Enhanced Forwarding Architecture for Metro Ethernet (Siemens AG CT/Nokia Siemens GmbH). . Theme: novel forwarding architectures for large scale Ethernet. Project jointly developed with Prof. Guérin, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Scientific coordination, concept development and execution.
  • HONEP, Home Networking, the Provider Perspective. Siemens AG. Concept development and specification; scientific coordination of the Siemens CT team involved. Theme: home networking.
  • HomeG6, A multifunctional IPv6 gateway for Home Networks. Siemens AG. Coordination, conception and proposal development. Theme: multifunctional and personal services gateway.
  •  Metrov6, IPv6 Metropolitan Services (Siemens AG CT). Coordination (international team), concept development and execution. Theme: Explore the potential of IPv6 within multi-access, multi-service Metropolitan Area Networks.